Artist Residency in Wyoming

BRUSH CREEK FOUNDATION FOR THE ART, SARATOGA, WY I was lucky enough to be selected for a residency for October 2019. After two relentless years of political activism, I took a break for three weeks to explore this remarkable landscape through pinhole and digital photography, lumen prints, drawing, and video. The program invites visual artists, [...]


A Month in Southern Oregon

PLAYA, SUMMER LAKE, OREGON, SEPTEMBER 2016 I am excited to be going to Playa in Summer Lake, Oregon for the month of September. Playa is a retreat for artists, writers, scientists and other creatives. No wifi, limited to no cell service and limited access to the internet will create a different kind of rhythm for [...]


Longshot 2016

Photographic Center Northwest/ Solstice, 2016 I participated in this annual international photographic event for the fourth time to benefit the PCNW. Over 24 hours, from noon June 18 to noon June 19, Chiara Carcano and I photographed the floating home docks and their environs on Lake Union and Portage Bay. These docks are normally [...]