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A Month in Rome. V

DAILY DRAWING Being away for an extended period without a specific agenda allows me to experiment and to reflect. I usually make it a practice to start a new sketch book with every trip. During the day, I will either use the pinhole camera for long exposures in parks or places that I can set up [...]


A Month in Rome. IV

A SIDE TRIP TO ALBEROBELLO I spent my time in Alberobello in the Puglia region exploring the nooks and crannies of this remarkable and unique UNESCO World Heritage Site, lugging my pinhole camera and tripod up and down Rione Monte early in the morning before the tourists gather and swarm through the small [...]


A Month in Rome.II

TEVERE RECLAIMED The Tevere (Tiber) River running through Rome has long been a neglected resource. The tall walls lining each side were originally built to protect the city from flooding. Unfortunately, the walkways along each bank became receptacles for litter and havens for undesirable activity–a no-man's-land. Recently, the city has begun to recognize it as an urban amenity [...]


A Month in Rome. III

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE'S TRIUMPHS AND LAMENTS William Kentridge has created a site-specific installation along the embankment walls of the Tevere (Tiber) between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Mazzini, an 1800' expanse. The work is heroic in scale and concept and is recognizable as distinctly within his oeuvre. It was achieved through power-washing the walls using a process of [...]


A Month in Rome.I

SERENDIPITOUS ENCOUNTERS A wonderful thing about a completely un-programmed exploration in a place that you have visited many times is the freedom to roam with no set agenda. On a glorious Sunday afternoon in the Piazza Santa Maria de Trastevere, I encountered Noemi Giannico, her companion marionette Nina and a costumed "bubble blower" entertaining [...]