Project Description

Ribbons of Resistance

1500 Embroidered ribbons, tumblr, instagram, exhibition

Begun in November 2016 immediately following the Presidential election, Ellen began Ribbons of Resistance through which she took action to mobilize people to protect our democracy. Over the course of the next nine months, she made and gave away nearly 1500 hand-embroidered ribbons through the U.S. mail, at The Women’s March, March for Science, Tax March, Climate March and the Immigrant March and through chance encounters. In giving away each ribbon, Ellen posed the question: “Of particular concern to me are civil rights, the environment, women’s reproductive rights and public education, what are yours?” She beseeched people to “wear this ribbon as a reminder to stay informed, be vigilant and to take action.” As she gave ribbons away, she encouraged people to post a picture of themselves on Instagram using the hashtag #ribbonsofresistance. She documented the ongoing project through a tumblr site.

The project had several components: the ribbons, 100 Days/100 Postcards, and the I Resist/I Embrace” portrait project. Through the 100 Days/100 Postcards project, she penned and mailed a postcard to the White House each day for the first 100 days of the administration. Through  “I Resist/I Embrace”, she made portraits of 50 people each holding a sign saying what they embrace and what they resist. She created a limited edition artist book set chronicling both projects. All of these elements were brought together in an exhibition opening on the anniversary of the Women’s March in January 2018. 2016-2018

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