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September 2020


2020-09-24T15:12:38-08:00Categories: The Great Pause|

PARALYSIS AND INACTION Nearly 6 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the loss of nearly 200,000 American lives, the wildfires of California, Oregon and Washington have blanketed the entire west coast with an unimaginable shroud of smoke and sense of [...]

The FOR Project

2020-09-23T12:48:17-08:00Categories: Political Action|

CREATIVES FOR BIDEN We are artists and designers from across the nation who are using our work to promote political action on issues that matter. Creatives for Biden began because we believe that central to protecting [...]

June 2020


2020-06-16T17:45:40-08:00Categories: The Great Pause|

LIFE OUT OF BALANCE* Peaceful protests against the Minnesota murder of George Floyd and systemic racism spiraled out of control on the streets of Seattle on the night of May 30, 2020. Vandals smashed storefront windows, looted the downtown retail [...]

May 2020

In the Silence

2020-05-13T11:53:27-08:00Categories: The Great Pause|

I CAN HEAR NOW the sound of a lenticular cloud balancing on the summit of Mt Rainier the sound of mares’ tails in the sky the afternoon before the next day’s rain the sound of mist [...]

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