In this cacophonous world where so many experiences are mediated, art focuses the mind and brings our attention to what’s in front of us. In making art, I am motivated by a desire to arrest us in the moment, making us more aware, physically and psychologically, of our surroundings and our response to them. Social, political, historical and environmental conditions inform my approach.

My methods of making are varied and complex, often combining diverse media and materials. My work responds to site, social context, history and personal experience. It aspires to an invocation of place, engagement of community, and to the creation of an immersive experience. In my public work, I strive to create a place as art rather than merely a place with art. Site-determined, it is often informed by hidden histories, a community’s aspirations or its ecology. Temporary installations often incorporate sound and sensory experiences and are also grounded in place. Artist books range from intimate personal explorations to commentary on contemporary issues. Photography and prints, often utilizing antiquated technologies, explore place as well. Regardless of form, I create visual and verbal metaphors, using images, words and objects to express ideas, to challenge preconceptions and to engage the viewer as a participant in the work.

Making art is an iterative process of inquiry and discovery. I am an incurable experimenter, rarely content to leave well enough be. I ask questions and grope for answers with the explicit intention of using the work to engage you in the same kind of dialogue.