I created this in response to my deep sadness for our country stemming from the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.  I am girded for the battles to come. Of particular concern to me are civil rights, the environment and women’s reproductive rights. What are yours?

Wear this ribbon as a symbol of resistance and as a reminder to stay informed, be vigilant and to take action.

I am giving this ribbon to anyone who would like one. Please contact me.

If you would like to make your own, see instructions below.

Explanation of Ribbon symbolism


Grosgrain ribbon, black, 7/8″ wide

Green embroidery floss

Embroidery or milliner needle

Safety Pin


  1. Cut ribbon to 7 1/8″ length
  2. Fold over
  3. Hold ribbon so that the ends flay out
  4. Secure with a French Knot. See instructions here.
  5. Cut the ribbon about an inch or so from the knot on the top side in half way and pull to fray the fabric a little
  6. Use a safety pin to affix the Ribbon of Resistance on your coat, hat, sweater, scarf, etc.