Following the Ribbons of Resistance, 100 Days/100 Postcards, and  I Resist/I Embrace projects, I felt compelled to continue my activism to reach out directly to leaders in politics, the judiciary, education, the media, religious leaders, environmentalists, the arts and entertainment, and civil society, to communicate my alarm at the growing authoritarianism that threatens our democracy. I created a limited edition artist book, that I endeavored to have delivered by hand or by mail directly to my target audience. Sheila Coppola of Sidereal Fine Art Press (pictured above) printed the cover letter press and I designed and wrote the book and silkscreened and watercolored the “autocrat’s playing card” that is slipped into the back of the book. My goal was to have this completed prior to the mid-terms in 2018. In culmination of this work, I exhibited the Autocrat’s Playbook and accompanying  materials at Atlas Arts in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle.

Letter press printed cover

Autocrat’s Playbook front and back cover press sheets


Autocrat's Playing Card in process

Autocrat’s Playing Card in process; hand coloring tests.