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April 2020

Art Is An Antidote

2020-05-30T14:16:36-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm, The Great Pause, Urbanism|Tags: , , |

THE ARTISTS' EMBRACE In the face of the unbearable sadness of the coronavirus pandemic, artists in Seattle are bringing a sense of hope and a demonstration of love for the City. Throughout downtown, the Capitol Hill and Ballard neighborhoods, retail storefronts have been covered with plywood to ward off vandalism. Left blank, the bleakness [...]

November 2019

The Fence

2020-04-18T16:01:23-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm, Exhibitions, Photography, Urbanism|Tags: , |

THE FENCE & CHASE THE LIGHT Photocenter Northwest collaborated with The Fence, an annual large scale traveling photographic exhibition to present the work of participants in the PNCW annual photography festival, Chase the Light. The exhibition was mounted along the construction fence of the Seattle Waterfront, currently under redevelopment. All images are printed on [...]

October 2018

A Call to Action

2018-12-24T16:21:20-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm, Political Action|

CREATING THE AUTOCRAT'S PLAYBOOK Following the Ribbons of Resistance, 100 Days/100 Postcards, and  I Resist/I Embrace projects, I felt compelled to continue my activism to reach out directly to leaders in politics, the judiciary, education, the media, religious leaders, environmentalists, the arts and entertainment, and civil society, to communicate my alarm at the growing authoritarianism that threatens [...]

September 2018

Dance Biennial & The Parade of Peace

2018-12-22T15:24:02-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm|

LA BIENNALE DE LA DANSE, LYON 2018 The 18th edition of the festival, created in 1984 by Guy Dermet, presented thousands of dancers from all over the world in performances and events all over the city. The major public event is the parade. This year's parade was titled "Defile de la Paix" and featured elaborate [...]

Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval

2018-12-22T15:57:17-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm|

 A REMARKABLE JOURNEY INTO THE MIND Our last weekend of the Early Fall Seminar took us to the unique Palais Ideal du Facteur Cheval. This remarkable example of naive art/architecture was created over a 33-year period by postman Ferdinand Cheval picking up stones on his daily route, first in his pockets, then in a basket, [...]