March 2019

Springtime in Lyon

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RENDEZVOUS AVEC LA VILLE Visiting Lyon means getting reacquainted with the many variations of confections made with the quintessential sweet for which the city is known. Most ubiquitous of the Praline Lyonnaise pastries are brioche full of pralines and [...]

June 2017

Collaborative Drawings

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CO-DRAWING I've begun to participate in a collaborative drawing group. Quarterly, drawings are passed among a group of artists to share results, determine which are "finished," and to select a drawing to take back to the studio to add to. [...]

April 2017

A Month in Rome. V

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DAILY DRAWING Being away for an extended period without a specific agenda allows me to experiment and to reflect. I usually make it a practice to start a new sketch book with every trip. During the day, I will either [...]

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