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September 2020

The FOR Project

2020-09-23T12:48:17-08:00Categories: Political Action|

CREATIVES FOR BIDEN We are artists and designers from across the nation who are using our work to promote political action on issues that matter. Creatives for Biden began because we believe that central to protecting [...]

October 2018

A Call to Action

2018-12-24T16:21:20-08:00Categories: Art in the Public Realm, Political Action|

CREATING THE AUTOCRAT'S PLAYBOOK Following the Ribbons of Resistance, 100 Days/100 Postcards, and  I Resist/I Embrace projects, I felt compelled to continue my activism to reach out directly to leaders in politics, the judiciary, education, the media, religious leaders, environmentalists, the arts [...]

August 2018

Raising Money for Immigrant Rights

2018-12-19T16:38:55-08:00Categories: Political Action|

"PIE AND PERSISTENCE" HOUSE CONCERT On August 5, we, along with our "2020 Resistance Group",  hosted a concert featuring singer/songwriter Sheryl Wiser. Inviting friends to share a beautiful sunny, Sunday afternoon with good food and good music, we collectively raised [...]

January 2018

The Resistance Continues

2018-05-24T14:32:20-08:00Categories: Photography, Political Action|

A POP-UP EXHIBITION AND ARTIST BOOK LAUNCH Ellen Sollod presents RESIST at BONFIRE Gallery in conjunction with the first anniversary of the Women's Marchfeaturing Sollod’s projects: Ribbons of Resistance, I Resist/I Embrace and 100 Days/100 Postcards. RESIST brings these projects together through photographs, prints [...]

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